Welcome or Keep Away (again)

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I think I have only a quick observation for us this morning.  Yesterday when I was out walking I noticed two signs posted on two lawns; the yards hosting the signs (and I assume two families) were living side by side; close neighbors we could say.  One said ‘Private Property, No Trespassing’.  The other said ‘Welcome’.  I wonder if we as people wear such signs.   I wonder if our countenance, our body language, even our words announce loud and clear: ‘No Trespassing – keep away’ or do we say ‘Welcome’ – come on in’ to those we encounter each day?  I wonder if we put out such signs for the Holy Spirit of God too. I wonder if we say to Him, ‘Private Property – this part of my heart is off limits to You – No Trespassing – No messing in this, I can handle it just fine without You – I will do this my way’. I hope we don’t say that.  I hope I don’t say that. I hope we put out the ‘Welcome’ sign to Him, inviting Him, even pleading with Him to get all up in our business, that He leave not one stone unturned as He lovingly cleanses and heals every crevice of our heart and soul.

‘Private Property – No Trespassing’ can be described this way:
Matthew 13:14-16 (New King James Version)
14 And in them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled, which says:
      ‘Hearing you will hear and shall not understand,
      And seeing you will see and not perceive;
15 For the hearts of this people have grown dull.
      Their ears are hard of hearing,
      And their eyes they have closed,
      Lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears,
      Lest they should understand with their hearts and turn,
      So that I should heal them.’
The results of hanging out the ‘Welcome’ sign to ABBA:
Psalm 147 (New King James Version)  
 2 The LORD builds up Jerusalem;
         He gathers together the outcasts of Israel.
 3 He heals the brokenhearted
         And binds up their wounds.
6 The LORD lifts up the humble;
11 The LORD takes pleasure in those who fear Him,
         In those who hope in His mercy.
12 Praise the LORD, O Jerusalem!
         Praise your God, O Zion!
 13 For He has strengthened the bars of your gates;
         He has blessed your children within you.
 14 He makes peace in your borders,
         And fills you with the finest wheat.
And if you would like to read the whole chapter here is a convenient link:
One more passage; can we say Amen to this?
Psalm 4:5-7 (Amplified Bible)
5 Offer just and right sacrifices; trust (lean on and be confident) in the Lord.
6 Many say, Oh, that we might see some good! Lift up the light of Your countenance upon us, O Lord.
7 You have put more joy and rejoicing in my heart than [they know] when their wheat and new wine have yielded abundantly.

ABBA, . . .  I pray . . . (we) will hang out a welcome sign to You today and experience a day of joy and pleasure and laughter and holy productivity.   I pray we will all hang out the welcome sign to You for You to get all up in our business, cleansing and healing every crevice of our hearts and souls.  I pray we will be people who hold out welcome signs to every honest and hungry soul we meet, offering the sweet and holy Bread of Life to them.   . . .  Lord, make these days filled with Yourself, with peace and worship I pray.   And we pray for each one named here, each with their individual needs and ask that You meet those needs; that they receive all the help and comfort and joy and healing that You in Your love and mercy have to give them.   We pray for our IDOK Troops for their safety and protection today and for their safe returns home to family and friends.  You know our hearts for this Nation, for Israel, for the building up, the empowering, the standing boldly that we desire for the Christian Church; make it so LORD in Jesus Name. Amen and amen.

Revelation 2:17 — His Ministry to you,

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