Matthew 21:18 Early in the morning, as Jesus was on his way back to the city, he was hungry.
via Matt 21 NIV – Jesus Comes to Jerusalem as King As – Bible Gateway.

Did you notice JESUS was hungry? The GOD MAN was hungry. That signal that goes off in the brain that tells you your stomach is empty, that gnawing in your gut –  that happened to HIM!

Does that comfort you? It should. It should comfort us, encourage us, and give us strength to know that JESUS knows the effect hunger has upon us as humans.  He knows that gnawing in the gut. He knows the emptiness. He knows that compelling want to be satisfied. He knows the options paraded before us when we are hungry. He knows them all.

Food hunger. Happens to us every day. Happens all over the world. Some places severely.
And there are other hungers. Those happen all over the world too. Some places severely.
So what are you hungry for today?

Breakfast? Peace? Quiet? Bills to be paid? Pain to go away? A Word of hope?

GOD allowed Himself to be hungry in all the ways we are hungry, so He could lead us to fullness. But for us to be filled, we have to follow Him. We have to refuse to reach for what is forbidden and wait for what has been given in righteousness. He knows about that too, the waiting — the fig tree only had leaves that morning, no fruit.  But that’s a whole other lesson.

Happy, productive Monday to ya.

Click HERE and pray.  It’s Monday, who of us would not covet the prayers of our sisters and brothers? I do. 🙂

ABBA, none of us are without some kind of hunger this morning and I bring myself and all my sisters and brothers who will come with me to You to be filled in JESUS name.  To be filled and healed. Amen and amen.

Revelation 2:17 — His Ministry to you,