A Red Jacket

Juicing done, a cup of coffee, my beloved and Guidepost — want to come along? Good. Here’s today’s reading.

“To counteract the rainy, gloomy afternoon,I put on my red blazer to meet an architect friend, Jeff Wierenga, for lunch. As we sat near a window at the mall entrance, I watched damp shoppers scurrying in. “What awful weather, ” I said.

Jeff, who is an award-winning photographer, replied, “When I was traveling, I used to be disappointed when I reached a great spot to take pictures and the weather was bad. Then one day I saw a photographer in England standing in the pouring rain without an umbrella.

“I had to ask him why he was shooting in such a downpour.  He said, ‘Look at the shine on those slate roofs. It will make beautiful photos–the kind visitors to England want to buy.’

“After that,” Jeff told me, “I didn’t complain again about bad weather on my trips, because I found I could get really good photos on rainy days. Sometimes they were better than the ones I took when the sun was so bright it washed everything out.”

“What does the camera capture that we don’t ordinarily see?” I asked.

“In the rain,” he explained, “colors are more saturated. The best time to photograph brilliant fall foliage is on an overcast day because the colors stand out so much better. I’ve found that flowers are better to photograph on a rainy day. You just have to turn your lens wide open.”

I looked  over the shoppers emerging from the mall into the grayness, and I was suddenly startled to see what Jeff meant. The little girl wearing the bright orange sweatshirt seemed to glow like a torch; the lady carrying the yellow, red, green, and blue umbrella looked like a walking carousel. The gloomy landscape was a neutral canvas that made colors come alive.

I looked down at the red jacket I was wearing. Funny, I had put it on in an attempt to brighten up a gloomy day. Now I saw that it was really the gloominess of the day that had brightened my jacket.

*Father, open wide the lens of my spirit  to see the beauty brought by the rain.  — Karen Barber

I get it!!  Any body for a red jacket today?

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Brave the Dark with The LIGHT,

A blessed long weekend to you all — Tee off time is 8:30  🙂