For Your Consideration

Ok. I’m about to stick my neck out here. Those of you who know me will know it is NOT hate speech generated from an evil heart and those who don’t — well . . . it is what it is – you can believe me or not – you are free to choose.
Less than 3% of our population is homosexual. They cannot reproduce themselves. The only way to increase their numbers is to pervert heterosexuals to their way. Think about it.
And my beloved hubby has brilliant insight into the ‘hate card’ used by liberals and homosexuals. That is the throwing of the hate card, accusing Christians of hating them, is reverse psychology – they are hoping that we the people will be so intimidated at being called a hater that we will at the least shut up and not oppose them, even if we don’t join them. Hate will not win this war for the souls of our people but neither will condoning sin and giving up the speaking of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. In fact the TRUTH of the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST is their only hope and ours. It comes to the Law AND Love of GOD. The Love of GOD AND the Law of GOD cannot be separated if we want to LIVE.
Please give this some honest consideration.
3% of the population.
No reproduction.
Only increase by ‘converting’ others.
The Hate card intimidation.
The Gospel of JESUS CHRIST.
Thank you for your time.

May the LOVE of GOD and the CONVICTION of the HOLY SPIRIT work within us all to the GLORY of JESUS CHRIST.

We have the God-given Right to do right in this wrong World,

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Follower of Christ. Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother. Some call me a teacher. Some say I'm a prayer warrior. A few accredit me with some writing skills. Me? I say I'm a work in slow progress, looking for perfection in eternity and until then having all the holy fun I know how.

6 thoughts on “For Your Consideration

  1. Thank you Friends. With more consideration I am convinced that refusing to warn and inform ALL people, including liberals and homosexuals, of sin, its consequences and salvation in CHRIST JESUS alone, in whatever ways the HOLY SPIRIT will
    anoint us to do, so would be the epitome of hatred for them. I can think of nothing more cruel and hateful than to let them go to eternal damnation in hell without sharing with them that there is A way to miss that unspeakably horrible eternal place.


  2. I know your heart, indeed! …and you know mine. I feel like a line is being drawn and it will eventually force Christians to openly take a position. Too many comfortably avoid the subject in order to not be involved in conflict.We must be willing to be bullied and called names, (hater), for His sake. I am out of the closet because no matter how easy it would be to inSINuate approval to those who live as homosexuals by not disapproving of their life style, I know what God’s word says on the subject. My peace is in standing on His side of the line.


    1. Thank you, Judy. Well said! You have been a blessing to me since we met and no doubt you shall continue. I am honored to stand with you on the line with HIM. He has already told us those who live godly in CHRIST JESUS will suffer persecution. I don’t relish persecution but I’d rather have persecution and hear Him say well done my faithful servant than for Him to say why were you ashamed of MY GOSPEL? Love to you my dear sister.


    2. My beloved just said Judy’s comment is really good. ‘Out of the closet’. He said we need to be saying: “Christians, it is time to come out of the closet.” It is high time for us be not ashamed of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. No more putting our lamplight under a bushel, I believe the Scripture puts it. HIS WORD is our answer, our guidebook and our Way. May we be yielded only to HIM. Oh, HOLY SPIRIT, help us be valiant.


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