7 thoughts on “Here With The Truth

  1. 👍❤️ Love you Kathie. I don’t watch the news. I barely read any on the computer.


  2. We all need prayer. I pray for myself constantly calling on Him as Keeper. Stating fact based on the Word is not a dig in my opinion, we see Jesus always did which is why He was hated so much. E.g. Directly to the Pharisees and Sadducees. I think it is more dangerous to pretend evil and evil working through men and women don’t exist because then we do not pray rightly. That’s why I keep my eyes on Jesus, not on myself for it I look at myself, I’d never believe He could answer my prayers. I have seen the Lord give me much justice in my life against people being used by satan who attacked me w/o cause. Justice is God’s will. Because justice is part of who He is. The word is clear that some will willfully choose eternal damnation. Sad but very true facts. I’m not going to gamble with our children and the unborn by not praying for justice and deliverance from the wicked b/c there is no guarantee those doing these wicked things will repent. It’s utterly heartbreaking but it’s also their free will choice. I will not stop crying out for justice and I have the faith to do so b/c I have seen great justice in my life and deliverance in the land of the living. His Word is true. I pray for His peace to fill you. And by the way, in Christ, You are the very righteousness of God and nothing can change that in His sight. He loves you so much. God bless you and yours.

      • I weep b/c more abortion and perversion is not God’s will. Our hearts are just broken right now too. We need to go easy on ourselves right now as well, I think. We’ve been beaten the heck up enough these past months and now. We are exhausted by evil, Lord. Fight for Your children, Lord, our children, the babies, Lord. Tear the blanket off all evil behind the elections. Make a way for us to have what is legally ours to see – the true election results, Father. I feel led to pray through all the Psalms about it all, America, Pres Trump, justice, deliverance, so will do so. Love you. God bless. ❤

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