I’m just not much in a writing mood. Not sure why. Just not. BUT I am in the mood to share other folks writings.  Like my You Version devotion for this morning. Take a look.


Dr. Norman Vincent Peale told of a trip he took on a sailboat in the Near East. The skipper told him, “The ocean is a tremendous force, and our ship is only a small force. But, we know how to make our little engines adapt themselves to the timing of the waves so we are practically carried along by the sea.”

Praying could be defined as adjusting ourselves to the plans and timing of God. When Sennacherib threatened Judah, Hezekiah first went to God (2 Kings 19:14-19). There was a childlike simplicity in the king’s faith. He took the threatening letter and spread it out before God to read. It is as if he said, “Okay, what do we do about it?”

This same childlike faith should be ours in this modern world. Our frustrations and anxieties should be spread out before God for His direction. As we adjust our lives to God’s plan and timing, we find we are carried along by His power. This puts to highest use the forces of our own lives to meet the battles of life. Hezekiah and his people were delivered, and so shall we be.

Is that good or what?

And if you have some more time for reading, please go visit my Friend Elaine. The post is entitled: The Woman I No Longer Need to be . . .

You might find yourself on the page. 

ABBA, perhaps some sisters are not much on doing what they usually do, whatever good thing that is that seems to have lost some luster – guide us I pray. Guide us to coming to Peace with who we are now and resting in Your promise that You are not finished with us yet. Yes. Israel. America. The Election. Truth to prevail. Evil to be exposed. Repentance. Dori. Kerri. Pam M. Pam K. Sharron and Others.  As a dear soul used to say, ‘take a reading on our hearts’, ABBA. See what’s there, see the needs and meet them. See the love and concern for others and express it through us. See the need to love others and the need to express Your love and change us to do it. Safety and protection. Transformations for That One and This One. And let our hearts be not troubled but believe YOU, LORD JESUS in all things.

Blessings to you Dear Friends    +++

Remember YOU have the God-given RIGHT to do right in this wrong world!


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