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A Specific Call

Father GOD, I am here to petition You for help, for Your ruling and overruling. You gave Justice Ginsburg 87 years and I thank You for Your Kindness and many gifts You gave her. I thank You for Your mercy You extended to her all her life. And now. Now there is a vacancy at the Supreme Court. I know this timing cannot be a mistake. I am asking You to rule and overrule. Humans are so foolish and high-headed so often. Please have mercy and bless this Nation with a justice that will uphold the Constitution and will have regard for You. I pray that You will protect the process and that You will have mercy on We the People and give this vacancy to a proper soul who will not make law but uphold law and that You will be honored in America again. Amen and amen in YESHUA’s Mighty name.

Baby Boomers

I have a video for you.
I have much respect for us Baby Boomers at a particular part in this video.
With tears brimming I am calling upon my brothers and sisters to tell you, we are needed; we are of more value right now to the Kingdom of GOD than perhaps we have ever been.
We were silent before, now we have another chance. (The video will explain)
Stand, Kneel and Pray.
Please invest yourself and watch this video. Find the place in it that GOD speaks to YOU.

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