One This Last Day of November 2012

Sara is taking her morning nap; GRANDSON is drinking hot cocoa and watching a movie and I am hoping to say hello in this quiet time. 🙂

I hope you are not too disappointed that I am sharing YOU VERSION with you again this morning. It really is so good!!


Billy Graham tells of a woman who asked, “Why do I need a home?” She said, “I was born in a hospital, educated at a college, courted in an automobile, married in a church. I live out of a delicatessen-tin cans and paper bags. I spend my mornings on the golf course, my afternoons at the bridge table, and my evenings at the movies. And when I die I will be cremated and buried in a brass urn. All I really need is a garage.”

Tragically, millions live like this woman. Our homes often are mere parking places in which we spend a portion of the night, places where we pass our family members like ships in the night. But we are paying a great price for our lives of distraction. A good deal of the violence and chaos of our society results from these unstable homes. God never intended our homes to be mere parking places for busy bodies needing rest and refueling. Rather, homes have purpose, and God’s Word contains directions for their proper use.

God planned marriage so that two people can become together what they could never be alone. Each individual completes the other as they become a unit. However, no marriage can really be complete without a living relationship with God through Jesus Christ. God created marriage, and it is foolish to think it would ever be complete without Him as the foundation.

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Blessings of Joy and Peace,

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