This Phrase

I’ve been reading a lot today. In fact other than steam cleaning the kitchen floor, that’s about all I have done. I don’t think I have even made up my bed! Oh well.

Perhaps it is not a new word but for sure it is not one of familiar use for me.


I came across it reading today; but that’s not all. This is the phrase that really made me sit up and take notice:

He held His God in the highest esteem

via The End Time: Take umbrage, Brethren!.

I told its author that the HOLY SPIRIT had highlighted that for me and that I would like to use it but more than that I want to LIVE IT!

Elizabeth tells us well in the aforementioned post that we Christians must start right now this very day to hold our GOD in the HIGHEST ESTEEM. I would be much pleased if you would pop over to The End Time blog and read the whole piece for yourself. Click the link above and it will take you there.

On a personal prayer request note.

I have a few.

My friend Janet’s Mother left for HEAVEN today. We have happy tears for her and sad ones for Janet and her family.
I have another friend, Dawn, who is battling in the legal system with her, we hope, soon to be former husband who refuses to hold GOD in esteem as evidenced by his criminal conduct as well as his immoral and adulterous pursuits. Yes, I’m upset about it. Yes, I am offended.
One of my much-loved son-in-laws, Greg, had oral surgery yesterday – he hurts but he went to work today anyway.
That’s just a few. I have more but I’ll not name them all.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for praying. Thank you for being my Friends.

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