Catch Phrases

I am eager and excited to share some catch phrases of wisdom with you this morning from the book of Job. Now, I am aware these are taken out of context but taken at face value the stringing together of these words as is caught my attention; and perhaps they will yours as well.

so soaked in my misery.

via Job 10 CJB – “I am just worn out. “By my life [I – Bible Gateway.

I image somewhere along the way I will see such a soul – may it not be in the mirror! And may it not be you my Friend.

11 For he knows when people are worthless; so if he sees iniquity, won’t he look into it?

via Job 11 CJB – Next Tzofar the Na‘amati spoke up: – Bible Gateway.

Rampant iniquity – I see it. You see it. And HE is looking into it. So we can rest from looking at it. In HIS timing He will attend to it and perhaps if we stopped insisting He attend to it in our time and in our way, WE would get out of His way of attending to it. You think?

12 “An empty man can gain understanding, even if he was born like a wild donkey.

via Job 11 CJB – Next Tzofar the Na‘amati spoke up: – Bible Gateway.

This one is WAY RICH. I’m only giving a morsel in comparison.
Origin (of birth) and environment is NO EXCUSE for a miserable, failing life. CHRIST JESUS is available. 

10 In his hand is the life of every living thing and the spirit of every human being.

via Job 12 CJB – Iyov responded: “No doubt you are – Bible Gateway.

Awe and comfort!

One more.

11 Shouldn’t the ear test words, just as the palate tastes food?

via Job 12 CJB – Iyov responded: “No doubt you are – Bible Gateway.

We taste food to see if it is good and acceptable before we swallow it. Likewise, should we not test words either from the mouths of others or within our own heads to discern if they are worthy of ‘swallowing’? 🙂

As I said catch phrases. They caught my attention. Perhaps they will yours as well.

ABBA, thank You. Thank You for more wisdom; for catch phrases to capture our attention, for us to hold and meditate upon, to give us quick and ready guidance in this fast world. Thank You for providing every resource of every kind that we need to live holy lives in this unholy culture. Thank You for knowing us and loving us. And in this moment I pray now for each one who gathers here. You know their names, their faces, their needs, their hopes, dreams and fears and You have every provision ready for them this very day. Thank You. HOLY SPIRIT, help them believe, receive, take hold and let go according to Your Plan for them. Thank You for good reports concerning Terri; yet still a long way to go all the way around and so we wait and we trust for Your Good Plan and Will to be seen. Kerri. ABBA, I am still asking You for a miracle for her. Pat & Rosalie. Alyssa and her family: time is drawing near for the trip; there must be so many details, so much we don’t even know to ask but I trust You ABBA to do ALL things well. David. Ray. Linda. Pam. Women’s Ministries,  in particular those set to rescue women from taking the lives of their babies in the womb; and all those enslaved in sex trafficking. Israel: peace and protection. America: repentance and revival. And we the BRIDE OF CHRIST: to live for Your glory alone, ABBA, these are my requests in this moment. HOLY SPIRIT, help me remain in ceaseless prayer till we gather here again in YESHUA’s name.


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