My Find

A find I didn’t know I had.

Off and on for much of this fleeting Saturday, I have invested in studying for tomorrow’s Bible lesson during Sunday School hour at First Baptist Satsuma. And in the process I chased a number of rabbits. 🙂 I do that often with the various study tools I have. This one is Logos. Isn’t it delightful when you find you have something you didn’t know you had?

So reading, clicking and exploring my Logos Library I found the following and decided I’d post a small portion of my find here. I am thinking of my grandchildren. Perhaps you have children or grandchildren that will come to  mind as well:

Selecting a Mate

Many young people have a romantic expectation of meeting someone who is erotically attractive and elicits a mysterious sense of compatibility. “Falling in love” hits like a powerful religious experience and is taken to be the voice of God: “This is the one for you.” Christian young people are sitting ducks for this deception.

They need compelling instruction that identifies Christian love as service love, founded on a decision, drawing from the emotions but not grounded in them. They also need wise criteria for selecting a spouse. We suggest they consider questions like the following:

—What kind of life is God calling you to live? What kind of spouse would support that?

—What kind of person would likely make a good father or mother for your children?

—What personality traits would put additional stress on your personal weaknesses?

—What are the important qualities in a spouse “for the long haul”? How do attractive appearance and an urbane sense of humor rate over time with a trait like faithfulness?[1]

I wonder how many divorces would have been avoided had the marriages been predicated on these criteria?  I also wonder how many godly homes would have been established?  It is not too late for this generation if our generation will make some changes. 

Food for thought.

Happy Saturday, my Friends,

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