John 16:23-25

. . . ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.

via John 16:23-25 KJV;CJB – And in that day ye shall ask me – Bible Gateway.

Because of the event we are memorializing this day and the day coming we will be celebrating – Resurrection Sunday – we can ask and receive!

So do it! ASK!

Whatever it is ASK. You cannot ask too much of HIM – HE has given His ALL.

You can ask in complete safety because if what you ask is not good for you, in His great love for you He will say, ‘No, receive this instead, it is more than you expect and far better.’

So ASK. Ask believing – the cross and the resurrection of JESUS CHRIST should be enough. Shouldn’t it?

Yes, LORD YESHUA, it is enough. It is finished. YOU have given Your All and it is enough. Enough blood to cleanse all our sins. Enough joy to brighten the way and the heart on the saddest of days. Enough love to love even the unloveliest. Enough mercy to pardon the most evil. Enough grace to lift up and set on a new road the chief of sinners. I pray now for those who have not yet ASKED that they yet will.
Thank You for
Jamie’s improving condition. And since I am asking, ABBA, I am asking that You will remove ALL cancer from Jamie’s body and give her a new lease on this earthly journey. Kerri. Still asking for miracles. Dylan. Since his surgery was postponed – thanking You and asking again for textbook perfect surgery this coming Wednesday and recovery to follow. Dori. Always increasing health for her – that she will walk again. Lance. That he will walk again too; comfort and strength for him and his family. Alyssa. A miracle healing, ABBA, we pray. Ray. Comfort and vision for a well completed journey in Your time. Pam and Vicki – comfort in grieving. Peace and protection for Israel. Revival for America. Sunday School members – their individual requests. And all other matters on our hearts. We bring them individually and collectively and we ask for Your Glory and Your Will to be made plain in them all. Our thank You-s are not enough ABBA but we offer them the same and ask for more surrendered hearts and deeper love for You and each other for JESUS sake.

2 Replies to “ASK!”

  1. Well said, my sister. I remember a story told years ago by my pastor’s wife. A group from our church was going on a trip to Israel. At the airport, the escalaters weren’t working. People started lugging their luggage up the steps. She walked over to an airport worker and asked if there was any way to get the escalater started. He replied, “Yes Mam,” and walked over to a pannel and flipped a switch. As she glidded up past her husband as he tugged luggage and wiped sweat, she simply said, “You have not because you ask not.” Every time I think about this I smile and begin to pray about whatever I have on my mind.


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