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Christmas Star 2020

Some are calling it the Christmas Star. Ready for viewing on December 21. This December 21.

The Internet is brimming with information. I’ve perused a few webpages and thought I’d share a bit with you.

Every 20 years, our solar system’s largest planets align during their orbits around the sun. Jupiter and Saturn’s last conjunction was in 2000. But this year is particularly special because the two will appear to separated by just one-fifth the diameter of a full moon – or 0.1 degrees – an occurrence the world hasn’t seen since the Middle Ages.

The last time Jupiter and Saturn came this close was 1623, but that conjunction was too near the sun to be seen by Earthlings. So 1226 is actually the most recent time such a close conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was visible to humans.  
This information comes from Worlds align this winter solstice: Look for Jupiter, Saturn in December skies  Wyatte Grantham-Philips  USA TODAY

I was told from a source that I cannot cite for you that this 1623 occurrence which is believed to have not been seen was about the time the Mayflower arrived here in America. Interesting. I think. 

Another interesting article can be found here: A ‘Christmas Star’ we haven’t seen in 800 years will be twinkling over N.J. skies later this month

Then there is the Astronomy website with a piece entitled: Jupiter and Saturn will form rare “Christmas Star” on winter solstice

Here’s an Excerpt from Astronomy:

This December, Jupiter and Saturn will put on a show for skygazers that hasn’t been seen in roughly 800 years. Astronomers are calling it the Great Conjunction of 2020. On December 21 — coincidentally the winter solstice — the two largest planets in our solar system will appear to almost merge in Earth’s night sky.

During the event, Jupiter and Saturn will sit just 0.1 degrees apart, or a mere one-fifth the width of the Moon. The sight will likely leave many casual observers wondering “What are those large, bright objects so close together in the sky?”

In fact, Jupiter and Saturn will be so close that you will be able to fit them both in the same telescopic field of view. That’s an incredibly rare occurrence. The last time Jupiter and Saturn were this close together away from the Sun was in 1226 A.D., at a time when Genghis Khan was conquering large swaths of Asia, and Europe was still generations away from the Renaissance.

Humanity won’t have to wait quite as long to see the solar system’s two largest planets repeat this month’s performance, though. Another Great Conjunction will occur in 2080. Of course, many of us alive today won’t be around then, so it would be wise to soak in this show while you can.

There is much more information at the Astronomy site, including, but not limited to, charts, helpful information to locate and experience this event; as well as a YouTube window which will be LIVE STREAMING on December 21. 

So if you are interested, you might want to visit the site, bookmark it, and return on December 21. 

Watching the Skies ~ ~ ~

Memorial Day 2017

I’m not wishing us a Happy Memorial Day. I’m not wishing us a sad Memorial Day. I’m suggesting a grateful, remembering, honoring day. However, I think a day without laughter, without sharing good food and the company of good friends and family just might be a non-honoring to them day.

Prayer and remembering, let that be high on our list but would those men and women who died to preserve American Freedoms be honored if we grieved as those who have no hope? Would refusing to enjoy the freedoms they died to give us bring them back? Moreover, would not our refusing to rejoice actually shroud their deaths with shame and dishonor? Does not overwhelming, debilitating grief; refusing to embrace life today dishonor them in the worst way?

I been praying something new for a day or so (and now that I’ve prayed it though I think, it’s not one I need to keep praying. I’m not being morbid, just realistic. And no, I have not received any medical diagnosis. As far as I know I am as healthy as a young horse! 🙂 ) I’ve been praying for my daughters that when the time comes they will grieve my home-going well. That their missing me will not over shadow their love for me. That their love for me with God’s help will enable them to embrace the life He continues to give them with joy, with gusto, with a determination to make every day count for His glory and for the good of family and friends remaining with them. That they will resist and refuse any guilt that would shame them for laughing, for taking delight in holidays and day-to-day life. That they would embrace the truth that for them to cease to live a full and godly life is no honor to me but actually a dishonor and one that were I aware of it would make me so very sad and burdened. It’s a matter of trust; for them and for me. Okay. Moving on!

Abba, thank You for allowing us the privilege of being Americans; I pray we will honor You with our American patriotism and above this I pray we will honor You for the life, death and resurrection of Your Very Own Son to give us the ultimate, eternal life and freedom that we so do not deserve. Thank You for every American soul who has given their life to preserve American Freedoms and I pray their families will receive Your comfort and strength and peace especially today. I pray You will grant grace and strength for America to continue not so much as She has but better; better in all the graces YOU have ordained for us; to embrace You and Your will for this Nation; the Nation You birthed for the spread of Your Gospel to the World. We have not done our commission well for a long time now; forgive us and grant us grace to repent I pray. Amen and amen in the Mighty and Holy Name of Jesus-Yeshua.

Kadosh Adonai Eloheynu ~
( the LORD our GOD is holy)

Let it play!

May I tell you this morning listening to Gospel Music is important?!

When those songs are in your soul the Holy Spirit of God can bring them to mind when you need them. To yank you back from sin or just to comfort your hurting heart.   Or both!

Like when you have worked hard and the scale moved in the wrong direction and you are well on the brink of sinning hard and long – then these lyrics bring you to happy tears and repentance!

No matter the bumps
No matter the bruises
No matter the scars
Still the truth is
The cross has made
The cross has made you flawless   (source)

Here – let it play for you too.


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