Run and Leap

29 (28) “For you, Adonai, light my lamp; Adonai, my God, lights up my darkness.
30 (29) With you I can run through a whole troop of men, with my God I can leap a wall.
31 (30) “As for God, his way is perfect, the word of Adonai has been tested by fire; he shields all who take refuge in him.
32 (31) “For who is God but Adonai? Who is a Rock but our God?
33 (32) “It is God who girds me with strength; he makes my way go straight.

via Ps 18 KJV;CJB – I will love thee, O LORD, my strength. – Bible Gateway.

I figure we all have some running to do and some walls to leap and this Word from our ABBA is just the encouragement we need. So may I urge you to read these verses multiple times today and allow them to do the work our Father intends for us today.

I have a friend scheduled for surgery this morning (Thursday) and I would appreciate your prayers for a textbook perfect procedure and recovery.  And I suspect some of you have requests as well; if you are of a mind to share them with me, please do so. email me

Thank You for every ounce of strength You give us, ABBA. Thank You for hearing our prayers. Thank You for Your Word that is alive and true; You are transforming our lives with Your Word and we are so grateful. Thank You. I pray now for Carolyn and I ask You for a textbook perfect procedure with no complications and a steady and soon recovery. And I am thinking of a funeral service tomorrow and the family who is grieving; only You can bring good from this and that is my petition, ABBA, that good come from this tragedy and that this death not be in vain. ABBA, I am still thinking of Jamie thanking You again for the life she lived here and the life she is now living with You. Thank You for the wisdom and comfort You are giving all who love her. Israel. Always thinking of Your People; praying for peace, praying for the subduing of their enemies and for the fulfillment of all Your promises to them; praying for Your Truth to come and set them free. And praying too, ABBA, for our own nation. I am so sorry for our sins and I ask You to forgive us and to grant repentance to America. And as I bring this to a close for this time, ABBA, I pray for every one who visits us here that You will be honored and pleased with our worship and our praise and that each of us will give You glory with our thoughts, our words and our deeds in Yeshua’s mighty name I pray.

Day 72 of 2014, praying for revival in the Body of CHRIST.


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Follower of Christ. Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother. Some call me a teacher. Some say I'm a prayer warrior. A few accredit me with some writing skills. Me? I say I'm a work in slow progress, looking for perfection in eternity and until then having all the holy fun I know how.

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