Grain & New Wine

It takes less than half an hour of viewing a News Media and we are confronted with multiple issues to disturb us. Latimer Putin and Barack Obama to name one; Health Insurance, Unemployment rates, Constitutional violations, to name a few. It’s enough to keep a Body awake at night.  Unless . . .

9 (8) I will lie down and sleep in peace; for, Adonai, you alone make me live securely.

via Ps 4 KJV;CJB – Hear me when I call, O God of my – Bible Gateway.

ADONAI, The LORD GOD alone makes you and I live in security in this volatile and nothing about it secure world.  And how does He do that? And does He do it for all? 

Lets back up a couple of verses and look for answers. 

7 (6) Many ask, “Who can show us some good?” Adonai, lift the light of your face over us!
8 (7) You have filled my heart with more joy than all their grain and new wine.

via Ps 4 KJV;CJB – Hear me when I call, O God of my – Bible Gateway.

Here’s what I see. Folks ask Who can show us some good in this climate of turmoil, lack, want and lavish abundance? ADONAI can! And He is ready to fill our hearts with more joy  and to enable us to lay down and sleep in peace and arise in joy; but there is a catch (a condition). Are we willing to be satisfied with who He is, what He does and does not do about the grain and new wine of other folks? Are we satisfied with our own grain and new wine? Yes? Then we sleep well, don’t we? 

ABBA, thank You for the answers You have given; the healing(s) that are taking place; the situations that You are weaving into something splendid; the strength and courage You are supplying while Some wait; and the peace and comfort You are to Others grieving. Thank You, ABBA, in Yeshua’s mighty name. And we pray now for the Peace of Jerusalem, for Your resolution to conflicts there and in Russia, for repentance and correction and restoration for America and for the Christian Church; big problems as we see them but You are able, ABBA, and we trust You. And, ABBA, I pray for each Reader who comes here to read and pray, that You will feed them, that You will take my offering here and that it will be acceptable to You and fit for You to use to help and encourage them all in the name of Your Blessed and Holy Son, Jesus Christ the Righteous, Yeshua the Messiah. 

Day 78 of 2014, praying for revival in the Body of CHRIST.


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