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Light Bulb

The Sweet Side of Suffering. That’s my newest read. The Author is M. Esther Lovejoy and she has given me a new insight. 

How many times have you heard this verse quoted?:

3 O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.

via Psalm 34:2-4 KJV;CJB – My soul shall make her boast in the – Bible Gateway.


Doesn’t that mean make larger?  Like:

1. To make greater in size; enlarge.
2. To cause to appear greater or seem more important than is in fact the case; exaggerate
3. To increase the apparent size of, especially by means of a lens. via magnify – definition of magnify by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

Now I can tell you right now that definition as presented just did not fit well with me, not for the GOD I know. And so I had just kind of tabled that — until now.

M. Esther Lovejoy wrote:

“We are often encouraged in Scripture to “magnify the Lord.” I have thought a lot recently about what that word means. In its most practical use, magnify means to view something, usually through a lens, in a way that allows us to see it more clearly and in greater detail.”

And the light bulb came on!

We magnify the LORD when we come to see Him more clearly, to see Him in greater detail. This magnification comes through the LENS of His Word, His Creation, the tutoring of the HOLY SPIRIT. We magnify Him when we are attentive to Him, when we allow Him to correct our vision of Him. And when we see Him in greater detail, see Him more clearly, we will not hold back exalting Him!  Oh yes let us magnify the LORD together!

Thank You, ABBA, for fresh insight! For enlightening us; oh yes, LORD, be magnified in our eyes that our mouths will give You praise.  

Day 135 of 2014, a day to give Thanks.


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