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The LOFT – Why Do I Blog?

It is nearly time to work on next week’s  (Graphic by Kerry Messer)the-loftLOFT topic – this week’s is Blogging. Why do I blog? That’s a good question. From time to time I ask myself that! 🙂

One morning in 2003, I think, I had a particularly sweet time with ABBA – He gave me a nugget of truth and encouragement and without thinking I shot off an email to five of my girlfriends sharing the nugget with them.  They liked it! And decided I should do that on a regular basis. I did. For years. And in time my emailing list was more than 100 – my server didn’t like it much. So in order to get each day’s devotion to my list I had to divide the addresses into four groups for e-mailing.  Then around 2007 I got the brilliant idea to BLOG. Which meant my email friends would be required to sign up at the blog to continue getting the devotions via email — some did. And then along came Facebook. It’s been a helpful venue to get the blog to more people. 

For many years I was driven, perhaps that is an adequate word, to get a devotion written and out there every week day. In the last couple of years not so much. Not sure why. I miss writing when I don’t discipline myself to sit but often I don’t as is evidenced by the sparseness of my posts. I hope the drive will return. Perhaps a new season will bring it. 

Writing opens one’s soul, I think, and when that writing becomes public a huge responsibility comes with it. Has it not been said the pen is mightier than the sword? (source) And so I think I can honestly say I blog because I hope to influence. I hope to make a difference – a good difference for every Reader. And I lean heavily on The HOLY SPIRIT for this. When He inspires me not, I have nothing to say. That’s it! 

A happy weekend my Friends. 

Reset your clocks Saturday night — Fall Back! Yeah!! One more hour of sleep! 

Day 304 of 2014, a day to give Thanks.