Monthly Archives: October 2014

Two Verses

The Pastor’s message began with verse 13. I started with verse 11 and as I read I thought of you. 

Just two verses and just what someone needs today, including me. 

11 We pray that you will be continually strengthened with all the power that comes from his glorious might; so that you will be able to persevere and be patient in any situation, joyfully
12 giving thanks to the Father for having made you fit to share in the inheritance of his people in the light. via Col 1 KJV;CJB – Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the – Bible Gateway.

Continually strengthened.

His Glorious might.


Patient in any situation

Giving thanks to the Father who made you fit!

Who made you fit!

Whatever it is — HE has made you fit!

You can do the thing! Today!! 

Day 286 of 2014, a day to give Thanks.