Ponder and Pray

I will sing to Adonai, because he gives me even more than I need. via Psalm 13 NASB;CJB – Prayer for Help in Trouble. – For the – Bible Gateway.

He gives me more than I need. 

Is that not the truth?!

Shall we consider what it is exactly that we do NEED to live another day?

We have to have that otherwise we cannot breathe. Check. Got that. 

I mean think about it. How often have you gotten into a minor tiff with hubby because neither of you could decide WHERE or WHAT you wanted to eat? Seriously. It happens! We have an abundance! See Psalm 37:25.

It is still my grateful opinion that one of the greatest privileges and blessings we have in America is a daily hot shower! Think about that! What does a daily hot shower really mean? Go ahead, count the abundant blessings surrounding getting that daily hot shower to you. Nearly endless aren’t they? And then think of the many peoples of this world forced to ration their drinking water! And often that water is filthy, and filled with disease! Can we say we live in luxurious abundance?!  

Clothing – shelter from the elements.
Any of us wake up naked and on the street this morning?

No? Me neither! Every Thing you and I have beyond the basics listed is abundance!


Why does He do that?

Now that is something to ponder, isn’t it? 

One more point.

The verse also says I will sing to Adonai.

So am I?

And what am I singing? His praises? Am I counting my blessings? Am I just overwhelmed at His goodness to me? Am I just flat-out awe-struck at His generosity to me?

Or am I crying (singing) the blues because I don’t have _____________?

Pondering and Praying: ABBA, what would You have me do with all this more than I need that You have given me? It occurs to me that what I do with this abundance will clearly indicate just how much I love You. Oh I pray I love You well. 

 Day 8 of 2015 – a day to trust that JESUS loves us and fear not!  ~~~ Kathie