Autumn in The LOFT

Autumn in lower Alabama doesn’t look starkly different from summer. The temps do drop for a portion of the season. Mornings do get crisp and evenings do get a chill. In fact I have a pot of vegetable beef soup simmering right now for this semi cool morning. Lets see what is the temp at this writing? Oh well . . . 69. It was cooler this morning and I’m gonna enjoy my soup imageanyway 🙂

I do get a thrill seeing Autumn’s Artist at work and looking closely I found some Fall colors right here in our own yard. See.

This is our elm tree; well, a close up of our elm tree so you could see that color I found. image



And these are the marigolds in our front bed. It’s not their aroma that endears them to me.  🙂image

And if you look closely here you will see our Umbrella tree’s leaves are turning yellow; she will eventually loose them all. image 

Pumpkins! One of Autumn’s fruits (vegetables). Traveling from lower Alabama to Georgia last year we found these. IMG_1329Beautiful aren’t they?  Well, that about covers Autumn’s colors for me.

And now that it is Autumn, I’m already having thoughts of Winter and Christmas; but that’s another post. Perhaps . . . 

For more Autumn Thoughts, please follow this link and visit The LOFT. The Loft: A weekly Hangout and Link Up for Christian bloggers
Graphic by Kerry Messer

You will find some dear friends with many good things to say and some REAL Fall Colors.


Until Next Time ~ ~ ~ Kathie



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