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The LOFT – A Clock

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Giving thanks.

That’s been our writing prompt this month. It’s a good writing prompt. It’s an excellent living prompt. 🙂


Today I am giving thanks for our dining area clock. imageIt has been a fixture on our wall since, well, since I don’t know when. Some months ago with a little help of an elbow wrongly placed, it fell. It’s hands drooped, telling us only twice a day the correct time – 6:30.

We missed the clock.  We missed knowing the correct time. We thought of buying a new one but just didn’t get around to it. We often procrastinate at our house. 😉

 So this week we determined that’s it, we are going to buy a new clock. 😦

Oh wait maybe we could just buy new parts and keep the old frame. Yes, lets do that! So JT took the clock from the wall and began to disassemble it to determine what new replacement parts to buy.

Old parts in hand and under close examination, he discovered the jolt months earlier had only displaced the hands – reattaching them to their proper place, a new battery and ta da! She works!

You know if we had closely examined the clock when she and the elbow collided, we would have discovered the real reason she no longer responded as anticipated. We could have lifted up her hands and enjoyed her time keeping all these months. 

12 Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, . . .  [ source – Hebrews 12:12 KJV]

How often in our haste or procrastination have we put aside what only needs some reattaching, some lifting up to its original place of honor, esteem, working order, etc. – be it clocks or relationships?

Yes, giving thanks today for clocks that teach lessons and tell time. 🙂

Well, Y’all the LOFT for new posts will be closed until December 2. As to The White Stone – we’ll see when the next time is

 ~ ~ ~ Kathie