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A Lovely Day

The eve of Christmas Eve.

It’s been a most lovely day. imageHubby has been baking and I’ve been wrapping while Hallmark movies played. Text messages and phone conversations with beloved daughters – yep a most lovely day! And tomorrow? Well, more baking and cooking and a Candlelight Service will crown the evening.

Not a lot to say, I was just thinking about you all and wanted to say hello and send you a Happy Christmas wish!  Click the link below and enjoy.

image16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only and unique Son, so that everyone who trusts in him may have eternal life, instead of being utterly destroyed. [source] John 3:16
Until Next Time ~ ~  ~ Kathie 

Dirty Laundry

I’m still thinking about this morning’s Text for today. Just one verse. A familiar verse. In a most familiar chapter. I Corinthians 13. Often referred to as the Love Chapter.

11 When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.   Source: I cor 13 ESV;CJB – The Way of Love – If I speak in the – Bible Gateway


Children act like children. They speak like children. They think like children. They reason, argue, like children. 

So why are we surprised when they do?

But that’s not the part that is hanging with me.

It’s the when I became a man, I GAVE up childish ways. 
Gave up it reads. Gave up as in it’s a choice. I handed it over. Released a hold on. Laid down. You know GAVE UP. 

So have I? Not often enough.
Sad how we can revert to childish ways even into our 60s (which by the way is way beyond childhood years 🙂

Perhaps this is still on my mind for a reason. 

The Green Boximage

Those of you who have known me for a few years know I have a Green Box. Since 2000 it has been collecting Christmas Gift prayers to JESUS. 

I wonder if JESUS would like for my Christmas Gift to Him to be that I GIVE UP my childish ways? I know I won’t be perfect in this gift giving. And I know I will slip up, probably often, but I am hoping I will slip up less often after writing this post. 🙂

I think I know what’s going in the Green Box this year. Actually, I am looking at a double gift this year; in part thanks to Ann Voskamp in her book Unwrapping the Greatest Gift – something she wrote. img_5776It stung more than a little the other night when I read it, especially since Hubby was listening and he knows the truth. “You know you have a Baal when you cut yourself down or cut anyone else down.”  See what I mean? And now that I have aired this much dirty laundry, I’m going to hush. 🙂

A Blessed Christmas to you, my Friends 

Until Next Time ~ ~ ~ Kathie

Hey, Y’all!

Just saying hello.

Days have been full of doing and being and I have missed sharing with you all. At the moment Hubby is waiting for the Heisman Trophy winner announcement; Army lost, not by much but still a loss, so I’m disenchanted with football this evening. 🙂  I have a Hallmark movie dvr-ing; I can start watching soon and skip the commercials. I bit the bullet and downloaded Windows 10 (again – working out better this time) so I’ve had some hours of fun and frustration playing with that. Sunday School study has been sweet today. One of the GRANDS was here for a visit for a couple of days and that was good.  Y’all really care about all this, huh? 🙂

One more night to light the Menorah.image We are not Jewish but they have my heart; this is our second year lightening the candles. I am ignorant of so much of the Jewish Heritage but I am eternally grateful to them for Yeshua! 

I hope your Christmas imagedecorating, shopping, baking, visiting and the like has been pleasant, even down right happy.  And so with that I will leave you with a you tube – I am hearing the sounds of Mary Poppins steaming down the hall to my desk.  🙂

And the Wise Still Seek Him

Until Next Time ~ ~ ~ Kathie 


The snow is back! 🙂

WordPress. They offer the option of snow for your blog. I gave them an automatic yes a few years ago. 

But I’m off point here. I came here to think about inspiration. Cause I need some! For the smallest of things – like what to cook for supper. Perhaps I need this inspiration because I have been lax with cooking for some weeks now, with the exception of Thanksgiving, of course.

So how’s your inspiration level?

What do you do when you draw a blank?  Be it cooking, writing, Christmas shopping ???? Just a little curious here. 🙂

And obviously not cooking supper yet.   

Have a sweet evening, Friends Until Next Time ~ ~ ~ Kathie