Inspiration or Not

I wish I had something witty and fun and helpful to place on this page. It takes inspiration for me to write and today I’m not so inspired. I know why. It is only in this moment that I have quieted myself enough to sit, let alone write. We’ve been putting the foyer back together since JT laid the new floor. img_6184He still has shoe molding to paint and put down but we have freshly painted walls and our Children and Grands’ pictures are back in new places so all is well with me!  img_6185

All around our world, meaning our kids and their necks of the woods too, we range from 42 degrees to the coldest spot of 23 degrees; some of us have snow, Snow Babiessome rain, some clouds; but we’ve all got love. How heavenly is that?!

I have a Sunday School lesson to prep for and a women’s conference tomorrow to attend, one of those last-minute invites that seems too good to say no to, with a dear friend. JT said not to worry, he’d find something to do. 🙂

So guess I better get to the books so I can share the WORD with dear friends on Sunday and supper time cooking is not far away today.

Well, not much inspiration here but I did get to say hello and that means a lot to me. 🙂

Until Next Time ~ ~ ~ Kathie
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