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The LOFT – Breathe

One Word for 2016.

I’ve almost missed it (and I might still if I don’t hurry). Writing for the LOFTThe Loft on this subject I mean. The end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 found me so out-of-pocket and on the move that I admittedly did not settle and quiet myself long enough to hear a Word for 2016. But today 11 days in I have it!


DADDY GOD has such a sense of humor. ūüôā

Breathe. We do it or die. No doubt there is much to learn this year, so I start with slow down and breathe. Slow down as I RUSH to meet the less than one hour closing window to link this post. ¬†Perhaps at a slower pace I’ll have more to write about my word: Breathe. For now Breathe on me, Holy Spirit, breathe on me. Take thou my heart, cleanse every part, Holy Spirit, breathe on me. And as He does, I will breathe. For complete lyrics click HERE.¬†

Until Then ~ ~ ~ Kathie
Prayer requests welcomed. 

This Journey

The Pastor (Roy Hill, First Baptist Church, Satsuma) asked a question this morning. Now I have a choice to ponder it and answer it or dismiss it. I’m still pondering. Which means this post might be short.¬†

Question: What do you think GOD wants to do for you? 

Notice he did not ask what do you think GOD will do for you, but what do you think GOD wants to do for you. 

I am thinking that how I answer that perhaps will¬†reveal more about me than it does about Him.¬†How I answer I think will reveal how well I know Him at this place in my journey. How I answer will indicate my level of intimate fellowship with Him at this time¬†in our journey together. Perhaps I’ll pitch out¬†here¬†an¬†all spiritual¬†response until I hear more specifics for me from Him.

Here’s what I know. He wants to do for me and with me all things that will transform me to¬†the image of His Son. See 2 Corinthians 3:18 HERE. And since the passage begins So ALL of us . . . ¬†this means YOU too. ūüôā

Good start for a Monday morning, huh? 

What do you think GOD wants to do for you?


Until then ~ ~ ~ Kathie