Betrothed, Still!

Day 33
333 remaining after today.

This is a post that has been around for a few years. As best I can tell this was initially written in 2003. That is a few years before I began blogging. After the blog, I re-posted it  in 2008. Well how about one more time in 2016?

December 29, 2003 

OH, MY!!! It is so good to be back with you!! And I have so many avenues of thought this morning. Something about choices and we are the filters people see God through but the avenue that most thrills me is found in Hosea 2:19 and 20:
And I will betroth you to ME forever; yes, I will betroth you to Me in righteousness and justice, in steadfast love, and in mercy. I will even betroth you to ME in stability and in faithfulness, and you shall know (recognize, be acquainted with, appreciate, give heed to, and cherish) the Lord. [source]

I do not have words to tell you (I know you can’t believe that …) how much this passage of My Father’s Word means to me this morning. I am betrothed to HIM FOREVER! Even when I make poor choices and even when the filter that I am gets fogged up I AM STILL BETROTHED TO HIM… He still loves me. I am still His and He is still Mine!! Hallelujah!! And I can come boldly into His presence (and humbly, thanking Him from the bottom of my heart) anytime…. Especially when I have made a poor choice or me-the filter is fogged up. OH, How AWESOME HE IS! Okay, so what am I talking about this filter business? The thought came to me earlier this morning as I was preparing to come to the computer that we, Father’s daughters (and sons), are the “filters” through whom the world’s people see God. One of the ways they read Him, see His character, become interested in Him is through us… We filter their perception of Him. Is that sobering, staggering or what? What the people around us think of God is influenced by what they see in us. Now do you see why I am so thrilled with Hosea this morning? Cause when we have made poor choices and those poor choices have fogged and dirtied up the filter… WE ARE STILL BETROTHED TO HIM AND HE TO US!! He does not discarded us even then!! WHAT A PICTURE THAT GIVES TO THE WORLD!! When He says that He is betrothed to us HE MEANS it!! And how is He betrothed to us? — in righteousness and justice. He has given us His righteousness and He is perfectly Just in doing so because JESUS PAID IT ALL!! He has given Himself to us in steadfast love, and in mercy. Do you see that Steadfast Love … His love for us will not fail… No matter what – He has given Himself to us in steadfast love and how did He do that — in mercy. It is BY HIS MERCY THAT HE HAS SAVED US! And it gets better and better. He is betrothed to us in stability and in faithfulness. In this world when stability and faithfulness is such a rare commodity, Our God, Our Father, Our Betrothed is STABLE and FAITHFUL to us!! And on top of all that as we walk with Him as we see His righteousness and justice, His steadfast love, His mercy, His stability and in faithfulness, we shall know (recognize, be acquainted with, appreciate, give heed to, and cherish) the Lord. Just look at that! WE SHALL recognize Him, be acquainted with Him, appreciate Him, give heed to him and CHERISH Him.!!! Now that will affect our choices — won’t it? And keep us as clean filters too!! Ask me if I am tickled this morning?!!! One more thing as I was thinking of these avenues: choices and filters and then read the Scripture I had no idea it would all tie together. I thought choices and filters would just have to wait. IS HE GOOD OR WHAT?!!!

Father God how can I ever say thank You to You!! Thank You for Your Word that bathes our souls with healing and refreshment and every thing else we need to live and breathe. Thank You. And Lord, thank You to be back here with my email family. Thank You for ministry; without You, life would be nothing and ministry, what a gift! Thank You. So Father this morning as I think of my email family and my natural family, my daughters, my “sons”, my grandchildren, my mom, my brothers, and on and on, I ask You this morning to draw them to Yourself; to shower lavishly upon them Yourself; so they will KNOW they are betrothed to You and You are FOREVER and it is a FOREVER relationship. And we are safe with You FOREVER. Thank You. And Lord, because of Who You are in us, help us make wise and good and holy choices today and when we do that we will be good filters for people to see You through and that is what we really want for people to see You and become betrothed to You too for Jesus sake. Amen and amen.
And Father, more than four years later I again say AMEN this request. And now because of Your Grace and Mercy we have many more souls over which to pray and we are grateful; we bring them now individually and pray for Your Will to be accomplished in each soul for Jesus Sake. We pray for our IDOK Troops, for their protection of mind, body and spirit; for wisdom and discernment as they perform their duties today and we ask You to bring each of them home safe and sound at the appointed time. We continue to pray for Israel, for Her peace; and we pray for Repentance for America; for the election of Your Choice for President and for revival in Your Church for Jesus sake.
. . .

And ABBA, again more years have passed and changes have come again and You have been faithful. People we love have slipped from here to be there with You; we are grateful for the time we had them here; we are grateful they are with You; we are grateful we will join You and them at the appointed time. And until then, ABBA, it is our request and our desire to be faithful; to be holy filters that demonstrate Your grace, Your truth, Your mercy, Your love and Good News that You desire ALL Peoples to be saved in YESHUA’s mighty name.

Until Next Time ~ ~ ~ Kathie
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