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Saturday Morning Prayer Request

Day 51
315 days remaining after today.

I’ve been away – from blogging this week tending an allergy episode that has kicked me to the sideline BUT this prayer request is important so I am asking my Friends to pray. His name is Sgt. Al. That’s all I know other than he was taken to the hospital yesterday and he is termed as ‘family’  and someone close asked me to get my IDOK people to praying for him that he would get better. So Sweet Folks I am asking you to pray for Sgt. Al.

ABBA, You know the depths of tenderness in this, You know the gratitude abounding and I ask You to intervene on Al’s behalf and raise him up from his hospital bed to continue to serve this Country and give support to his unit, family and friends. I desire to see Your Name exalted and glorified in this and see faith and trust and love for You to grow mightily in the hearts of all these. Thank You ABBA in JESUS name.

Until Next Time ~ ~ ~ Kathie
Your Prayer requests welcomed