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I am hearing as I sit before this page that we must be flexible, that the world changes and our doctrine must change; we cannot say with no flexibility this is my doctrine. 

Hebrews 13:8 KJV

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.


We must be flexible. We must not be dogmatic. We must allow ourselves to evolve. We must change as the world changes. 

How does that strike you? 

Flexibility. Can be a great thing! It just might keep you out of the Chiropractor’s office. However, in the area of Biblical Doctrine, flexibility just might land you on a Psychiatrist’s couch.  

Some things, Folks, just do not change. And those unchangeable things are clearly defined and described by GOD in His Word (the Bible). 

There once was a man and to him another said don’t you think you are rather closed-minded with all this Bible stuff; to which he replied, perhaps, but I can afford to be, I have believed rightly. 

So. As to those unchanging doctrine revealed in ABBA’s Word, I have believed rightly. On some of those ‘rib’ issues I am still learning. 🙂

Until Next Time ~ ~ ~ Kathie
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