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Reading Proverbs 12 today.  First verse: discipline. The fourth source today that ABBA has used to place discipline before me.  I have a list; three distinct areas we are addressing, but that’s not up for discussion before the WWW. 🙂

Moving on with the Proverb. Wickedness. Wicked people. People who practice wickedness. Media outlets give us abundant examples. And we (I) lament over their behaviors, especially when again and again the adversary suggests to me their deeds are going unpunished, unchecked, just flat-out running rampant with no end in sight.

And today I can now shout to my soul NOT SO! Not so they are not getting away with it! Not even in the here and now. 

A good man obtains Adonai’s favor,
    but the schemer his condemnation. source 

All of us can read that word schemer and can substitute a name or two, or many names. And our blood can begin to boil. Mine has on many, many broadcast occasions; but the HOLY SPIRIT, I believe, has spoken to me today. I am convicted and comforted. 

The Schemers of this world are not getting away with their lies. The Schemers of this day are not going unpunished, even today.

GOD’s condemnation is upon them right now, this very day. Today they are not going unpunished. Today they are not getting away with their evil. Today they are under His watchful eye that does not miss a thing. 

Let me say it again: The Schemers are being brought to bear justice even today.

And while there is time, I get to pray.
I get to pray today that The Schemers will be granted mercy to accept the gift of repentance when the HOLY SPIRIT offers that holy gift to them. 

Sobering. Isn’t it?

Our souls. My soul is brought to peace, again. And today I must discipline myself to stay here!

Until then ~ ~ ~ Kathie 
The Blood of Jesus is Enough


No sin goes unpunished.
Either we bear it or JESUS does for us; and we get to choose Who does the bearing. 



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