It’s Cold Outside!


It’s 29 and clear here – feels like 22 so says the weather app.  A storm took out my internet last week and today it was restored; giving thanks here! For warmth and this lovely page and a multitude of other grand and happy things! I hope you are too. 

Abba, on this cold evening with a new week dawning in just a few hours, we ask for places of warmth for souls feeling chilly winds. For First Responders, for Utility Personnel out there serving, we pray for practical helps, warm clothes and hot coffee.  And thank you for our kind and efficient Tech who came and speedily restored service today; thank You so much that we got to pray with him; thank You for his dear family and as often as You will bring them to mind that we may pray again.  Thank You that tomorrow is Sunday and we have a house of worship close by where we can gather; I pray houses of worship will be warm tomorrow with prayer and good hot air 🙂 Thank You for loving us so deeply and strong; I pray we love You back and each other too. 


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