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 Despite what the calendar says 2017 for me began today.  Yep.  You see today is Monday. And it is the first Monday of 2017 that I woke up in my own bed in my own home with a brand new week in this brand new year just waiting for me to live it, LORD WILLING. So now that 2017 has begun let’s get to it! 

Lets see the bed is made with clean sheets and I am dressed for the Y and I have talked to my Baby Brother and we have solved the world’s problems! That’s a fine start on this new year 🙂

And this it the text I’m pondering like so:2017-01-09_07-56-14_000

I am standing at this one today, still and looking. Perhaps a door to open for a fresher understanding. Messiah’s community is of course Believers, followers, disciples. Yes disciples – those who are disciplined in Scripture and in prayer and in going about doing good like HE did when He was bodily here. The plan is for US to demonstrate, display, put it out there to be witnessed — the multi-faceted wisdom of GOD. US! But to whom? At first I thought rulers and authorities – world governments. Not that they don’t need to witness and not that I don’t want to tell them 😉but that’s not what it says: heavenly places. That’s the spiritual realm. That’s the demonic and of course Angels would witness too. They are ALL watching! So when we display the multi-faceted wisdom of GOD, the Angels rejoice and if not — well, the others do. This is not meant to brow beat us or defeat us it’s meant to encourage us, give us goals, a finish line for us to strive for and when we do, both realms will notice, right? This is huge!

Blessed Monday my Friends,

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