I am here to give you an excerpt and then send you over to For Every Mom dot-com.  She has well written a piece that is so close to my heart; one that I’d like to preach on the housetop but for now I’m just sharing here. 

“Raising An Esther in A Miley Cyrus World?

It sounds almost impossible.

But, moms, hear me.  It is so important that we try.

Here’s why…..

She was beautiful.

Her long, blonde hair was pulled into a perfect messy bun on top of her head. Her skin was golden, evidence of lazy days spent poolside, being kissed by the sun.  She was thin but fit, maybe a gymnast or dancer.  Her string bikini was white and left little to the imagination. Hips swaying, chest pushed out, she walked with  a confidence that demanded to be noticed.  My kids were playing in the kiddie pool in front of me but I glanced away from them to catch one more look at her as she passed.  And I felt a sudden heavy sadness.


Because she was maybe 12.”

Please don’t read to this point and stop; Click HERE to finish the article. 


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