Abba, I don’t know how many times a day I get a notice that more and more ungodly acts have been alleged to have been committed at some time or another. And whether they were committed or not I do not know. But You know. You know the Truth. You are truth. So I am here this morning to say Thank You. Thank You that You know the Truth about all this depravity. Thank You that You love We the People. You love this Country. You have heard the prayers of Your people and You are answering us. So with every hideous sin that is alleged to have been committed by every public figure I give You praise; praise that You are allowing the depravity of mankind to shock us into our great need of repentance. Thank You for being so gracious to us. And, Abba, I pray that our sins will hurt so bad and cause so much pain and agony and grief that we will confess them and repent of them in every house in the Nation, especially the political houses as they seem to be the houses vying for power by any means with no regard for You at all. Abba, I am so sorry. I pray they will repent. I pray Your grace will be received by them and they will acknowledge Who You are and that they are sinners in need of repentance. And I pray that You will get all up in this political mess, expose the truth and the lies and who is guilty and who is not. I trust You to individually exonerate and convict as You know is right. I just thank You so much that You have not left us in our sins but You are calling out to us in mercy and grace and with pardon and forgiveness for any and every one who will repent. Thank You. You are great and Awesome and by Your grace I get to love You. Thank You so much for this. Amen and Amen in JESUS HOLY NAME.