I have a new (to me) devotional book I’ve started late in the year but it is right on time.  Together with GOD Psalms. The editor is Dave Branon.  Here’s a link for more information. HERE

Today’s reading, November 9, is worth this post. The Editor and this Blogger are All Out of Teenagers in our homes yet today’s message applies. 

Whatever their age. That’s the phrase that started the wheels turning. I have no teenagers at home but I have people in my life WHATEVER their age that need me to love them unconditionally; that need me to help them learn to love GOD’s Word; to show them how to have a deep love for JESUS.  And then this part. To Hold on! To hold on to unconditional love for them and demonstrating love for the Word and love for JESUS to them especially when it seems too hard and that’s it’s not working anyway! 

And then came the clincher.  If I am going to love them unconditionally and teach them anything about loving the Word and loving JESUS deeply, I must FIRST love GOD’s Word myself. I must FIRST love JESUS more deeply than anyone or anything.  

Prayers Appreciated!


Psalm 128 (TLV) 

Blessing on Those Who Fear God

A Song of Ascents.

Happy is everyone in awe of Adonai,
    who walks in His ways,
for you will eat the labor of your hands.
You will be blessed
and it will be good for you.
Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house.
Your children will be like olive saplings around your table.
Behold, thus will the man be blessed
who fears Adonai.
May Adonai bless you out of Zion,
and may you see Jerusalem in prosperity
    all the days of your life,
and may you live to see your children’s children.

Shalom be upon Israel!