Don’t Leave Home Without It


It’s on my phone, on my desk top, on my laptop. I guess you could say I hardly go anywhere without it. 

The devotion feeding me now is this one:

Hey! She has a book! No. I don’t have it. Yet! 🙂
Looks like it was published in October of 2017. See HERE.

This is a portion of  Day Two’s reading:

Shifting your focus off of yourself and onto God is much harder than it sounds. As broken people, our gaze naturally drifts inward, making vanity a tough pattern to shake. Once I was able to see my own self-preoccupation—both the allure and the peril of it—God took me on a long journey to freedom. He taught me how to adjust my sight back onto him, and it literally changed my life. Once I grasped the truth that life is not about me and shifted my focus onto Christ, it became the song of my heart, one I can’t stop singing to others.

I know from my own experience that it’s hard to look straight in the face of your vanity, but it’s how we break the spell of self. And oh how it is worth it! May God shine on the hidden places in your heart and grant you the courage to see yourself honestly.

If you are not familiar with YouVersion, I urge you to check them out!  I’m providing a link – HERE.

Selah ~ ~ ~

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