Monthly Archives: April 2018

It’s Just A Song

We sang it this morning in closing. I listened. I read the words. I wondered. Can I sing this?

Songs are important. Songs are never just songs. They are messages from the Songwriter.  That’s why I am selective with the songs on my listening list. It is my stewardship to regard the message of the song – does it speak well?  In some genres, they are prayers or praise, some not; but they are never just words put to musical notes.  Like the last one we sang this morning.

I surrender all, I surrender all;
All to Thee, my blessed Savior,
I surrender all.

I surrender all. Do I? Have I? Will I?

All the Ill thoughts toward another, toward ourselves?
All the resentment for what he or she did?
All the anger and bitterness at the unfairness, the injustice?
All the hostility for the wrongness of the situation?
All the grief for who or what died?
All the wounds? All the hurt? All these horizontal relationship hurts, all these earth related trials and sufferings – have we? Have we surrendered them to JESUS? No? Then we lied this morning when we sang that we did.

Too hard? Too harsh?
There is a remedy. I’ve used it more than once and the last time was probably not the last time.

Abba, I am willing for You to make me willing to surrender this thing to You.