Did You Hear?

It is unlikely I think the majority of sermons presented in Christian Gatherings here in the West today were like the one I am about to load for you.
Even conservative (as so labeled) media did not tell us of these world events.

The sermon starts about 27 minutes into the recording.

Psalm 145:17-18

Love, Kathie 

Lets Sing!

Perhaps a let us give thanks post is in order on this November day, 2022.
Can you believe it? November 2022.

So what are some of the things you are giving thanks for today?

How about the extra hour on Sunday? Or perhaps right now it is only 7:21 but feels like 8:21? 

How about something different? 
How about we sing? Yes. Sing.
Are you ready?

You are welcome. 

Love, Kathie 

Media for the Weekend

How about I share with you a collection of videos I have watched this week. 
Perhaps you will take advantage of the coming weekend and watch them too. 

This is just barely over 8 minutes

This one is 15 minutes – a very important 15 minutes.  I URGE you to watch it!.

Now this one is 40 minutes, but if you are serious about JESUS,  please invest the time. 

Another 14 minutes, please.

Love, Kathie 

And Dawn Will Come

As I sit to write for Monday morning, we can confidently expect the morning will dawn – who it will dawn to shall be revealed. 

As night turns to day
As the sun’s rays streak across the sky,
We have hope for a new beginning; we have a new and fresh canvas — what shall we paint?

Father GOD, thank You for each dear one who comes to this page, on whatever future day it might be and I pray their visits here will be fruitful – that they will find something on these pages that You can anoint and use to refresh their souls.
I pray my words here will be understood and received as a message of hope even when You use those words for conviction and correction. I want these pages to be useful. I want these pages to encourage people to read Your Word and obey You day after day until YOU come for us. Amen and amen. 

Ephesians 3

Wear No More

The speaker talked about baggage; baggage is easy to collect in this hostile world, and when it’s packed and stuffed for years – it gets heavy. Really heavy. 
I can attest to this truth. Perhaps you can too. 

And the speaker shared Matthew 11:28

28 “Come to Me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. source

The Speaker reminded me of the many pieces of baggage that we may be picking up each morning and carrying around until sleep comes in the night. 
Words, actions, losses, griefs, etc., etc. that we have yet to properly process – emotions we stuffed, packed down, and now we carry each one daily on our shoulders, our necks, our backs – all the places that HURT. 

And yes Matthew 11:28 is sweet, burden lifting relief  – when we believe and apply its message. 
But I must tell you I don’t think the primary message of Matthew 11:28 is our emotional hurts and losses. 

The largest, heaviest, most unbearable burden is the weight and penalty of SIN. 

And JESUS offers us to COME, for us to come to HIM and bring that weight, burden, the baggage of sin that we can NEVER, NEVER, NEVER unload.
BUT we can humble ourselves and allow HIM to lift it from us.
And as HE does we can gratefully receive HIS Forgiveness and HIS Very Own Righteousness in exchange for our sin burden. 

So this verse becomes all the more special. It speaks to us in Salvation, our Deliverance from the penalty of sin AND it continues to speak and comfort and encourage us all the way from our Damascus Road to Heaven.
It reassures us that we have a BURDEN BEARING SAVIOR who is ALWAYS with us to lift the paralyzing weight of any hurt, wound, or loss that we will bring to Him

The question now is — will we?
Will we bring all our baggage (sin, hurts, griefs, bring it all) to JESUS?
Will we let HIM wash it, dry it, fold it, and put it away, for us to wear no more?