Name Your Town

Luke 4

Read and see what you shall see. 

There’s the temptation in the Wilderness. 
JESUS passes! The devil leaves until another time.

Verse 16
And He came to Natzeret, where He had been raised. As was His custom, He went into the synagogue on Shabbat, and He got up to read.

Do you see it? The place He had been raised.
As was His custom it says.
In the Synagogue on Shabbat!
This is JESUS!

He had been preaching other places and He was well received. The people were delighted to have Him in their villages and towns. 

But not so at ‘home’

Here He reads from Isaiah and He tells them the truth. They are furious. They break out into a rage. They intend to kill Him! 

Lets think back to the Wilderness. Satan takes Him to the highest point of the Temple and strongly suggests that He jump off. Satan even quotes Scripture to bolster his case. Like we said JESUS passes!

Back to Natzeret. A high cliff. Hmm. Wonder where they got this idea?

28 Now all in the synagogue were filled with rage upon hearing these things. 29 Rising up, they drove Him out of the town and brought Him as far as the edge of the mountain on which their city had been built, in order to throw Him off the cliff. 30 But passing through the middle of them, He went on His way. source 

And His Way takes Him to Capernaum; He speaks, He heals. They LOVE Him. They want Him to never leave!

Two Towns. We choose too.

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