Kept House

Oh my! girl

It’s March? 

2023 is speeding by. 
I have to ask myself: What have I done with it? 

Let’s see. I have loved-on my great-grands and my grands. I’ve done some reading and some writing. Kept house. Visited a bit. And prayed a lot. But there is always, always more praying to do – not as a chore but a holy delight! 
Now for the most important question. 

Have I been a co-laborer with GOD?  1 Corinthians 3:9-11

It’s Wednesday — make it count, Friends.

Love, Kathie 

Chiming In

From time to time I chime in 715zh0bU8zL._AC_SL1000_on Facebook with a post beginning with: While Minding my own business thoughts. Tonight I am bringing it here.

The majority of organized churches proudly preach that JESUS hung out with sinners. This is misleading.

This Western Gospel was crafted to make Jesus appealing to the masses; to make Him sinner-friendly, and non-judgmental. To make Him Comforting. Soothing. Affirming. Etc.
And He is comforting, soothing, affirming, encouraging, loving, and a multitude of other wonderful nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs TO HIS SAINTS.

Dig into Scripture and see this for yourself.

Indeed JESUS went to the home of Zacchaeus, the tax collector, and to the house of a Pharisee. With each sinner (Pharisee, tax collector, or prostitute) He encountered one of two things followed. Either the sinner repented of his or her sins and followed Jesus as LORD and Messiah, or they rejected Him, walked away, or even joined in with the Religious Leaders in their plot to kill Him.    (Luke 19:1-10. Luke 7:36-50.)

It is inaccurate and deadly to paint JESUS as a wimpy, sin-condoning, party god.

JESUS did not, nor does He now make sinners comfortable in their sins.
We cannot PRACTICE sin and walk with JESUS. (Isaiah 59:2)

Read your Bible.

Let me repeat.
Sinners who encountered  JESUS back then and still do today, do one of two things: they either repent of their sins and follow Him or they reject Him and walk away from Him.

As His Followers, we should have that same reputation.
If we can hang out with unrepentant sinners and they are content and happy to do so for months and years – we can know we are not living or loving like JESUS.  I realize that is a hard statement. It nails me too. I have a long way to go! But I am going forward even as I recommend to you with prayer, moment-by-moment obedience, more prayer, Scripture, more prayer and fasting, and as best I know how following Holy Spirit as He leads me into all my relationships – family included, my most precious.

That’s it for now — until I Chime In again may the peace of GOD rule in you and me.

Love, Kathie


Just in case you are interested, I want to share this with you.


Luke 4:28 On hearing this, everyone in the synagogue was filled with fury. 29 They rose up, drove him out of town and dragged him to the edge of the cliff on which their town was built, intending to throw him off. 30 But he walked right through the middle of the crowd and went away.  source

Read it again and do some locating on the picture map.
You’re welcome.
Good night.

Love, Kathie 


Luke 22 

The following is my Facebook post from about two hours ago:

“Okay, Y’all.
For those of you who can/will ask someone you love who also loves JESUS, get Your Bibles and read, really read, Luke 22. As you read Listen for HOLY SPIRIT as He speaks.
I am in AWE of The GODMAN!!
OH, WHAT A SAVIOR we have!!

I may still write a post for The White Stone Blog but right now all I can muster is just to ask you to read it too.”

luke 22

Presently I still cannot put words to ‘paper’ what has wonderfully overwhelmed me in Luke 22.
I am just asking that you read and seek The LORD yourselves in this chapter.

Love, Kathie 

Rise with the Dawn

Just a quick pop-in to say hello. 
It’s cold where I am. I’ve had cold feet all day. 

So, y’all stay warm. tenor

Luke 21

This is our reading for today. 
If you have not read it yet, I invite you to use the link above to read it. 

It’s an up-to-date chapter – some things have already happened and others are yet to be. 

Here’s some counsel we must not miss:

34 “But keep watch on yourselves, or your hearts will become dulled by carousing, drunkenness and the worries of everyday living, and that Day will be sprung upon you suddenly like a trap! 
35 For it will close in on everyone, no matter where they live, throughout the whole world. 
36 Stay alert, always praying that you will have the strength to escape all the things that will happen and to stand in the presence of the Son of Man.”  source 

Read it again. We can’t take it all in, in one read. 

And then look what JESUS did as He was closing in on the end of His First Coming. 

37 Yeshua spent his days at the Temple, teaching; while at night he went out and stayed on the hill called the Mount of Olives. 
38 All the people would rise with the dawn to come and hear him at the Temple courts.   source 

They would rise with the dawn to come and hear Him. 

Father, I pray these words will particularly speak as our Readers come to read. Amen and amen. Be Thou Glorified O LORD. 

Love, Kathie