Praying for Mentors

I have been reading Prayers of Blessing Over Your Husband by Bruce Wilkinson and Heather Hair. I believe many of the prayers are applicable to others we love. May I offer you one (modified) today from the book for your spouse, for your children, for your grandchildren? Just call them by name and pray.

Gracious Lord, please surround my (_________ ) with mentors who will guide (him/her) in the ways of wisdom, right living, kindness, commitment, and a deep love for You and for this family. I pray that You bless (him/her) with like interests with these mentors and provide them with learning experiences that they can share together, as well as occasions of fun and fellowship. Help me to be willing to share emotions and time so he/she can develop and sustain relationships with these, and I pray that the richness of these relationships will overflow into our family and our home, In Christ’s name, amen.

Italics indicates changes in the verbiage from page 120 of the aforementioned book.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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