End of the Day

The following is an End of the Day Musing that I posted to Facebook at the end of my day yesterday. One commentator suggested I give it an opportunity for a broader audience. So, here goes.

There is something crucial I wish to write about – we seem to be silent about it here on Facebook.
Not one human being was given the privilege of selecting their birth parents, their family heritage, where they were born, the color of their skin, and a few other biological factors.
It was GOD who decided that.
And is it not high time we stop blaming, hating, envying, accusing, killing, insulting one another, and take our complaints to GOD instead?
Yes, I arrived here pretty pale.
And the reality is I cannot afford to apologize or complain about something GOD chose for me – neither can you.
If I could have served Him better as a brown, black, red, or yellow woman that is the pigment He would have arranged for me. We each have a purpose, and a mission from Him and the shade of our skin is part of that. If GOD is for you and He is alive and active in you, your skin shade cannot stop Him from fulfilling His desires for you. Not only can your skin color not stop Him from fulfilling every desire He has placed within you neither can anyone or anything else. Only you can do that by rejecting His gifts to you, skin tones included, all our varying shades.
I don’t know your story. You don’t know mine. Perhaps we would both be surprised if we did. But I do know this GOD loves you and He loves me and if you or I fail to have a good life and an even better eternity it’s not for His lack of offering it to us.


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