A Few

I am confident you have heard the same definition of insanity as I have heard: continuing to do the same thing expecting a different result.

That fits this racism war. I am 68 years young. All my life here in America we have been doing the same thing expecting a different result regarding racism. We hate. We fight. We loot. We burn. We kill. We continually rehash generations gone; and today’s sins we plaster on every digital screen we can find: Network media, cable media, social media. Why?

It’s not working! We are not curing what ails us. And by these means, we never will. Racism will NEVER die in America this way. Not with protest – peaceful or violent. Not with media coverage. Not with more knowledge. Not with plastering our social media apps with the sins of we the people. It has not worked all these years and it will NEVER work. We will never bring peace, equality, and harmony this way. Because peace, equality, and harmony is not the goal – not for the majority. If it were, we’d have it already.

Hate lives deep. Its roots are balled in the heart of every racist of every shade. There is a cure. A few have found this cure. A few are living in peace, equality, and harmony. A few have met in the aisles of Walmart for the first time of varying shades from pale to dark and have laughed and hugged and prayed, looking forward to seeing one another again. Again and again, it happens. Day after day, year after year. The Cure works!

Racism dies when hate dies and hate dies when one by one, self dies to self and lives to Christ.

It’s a process and per our digital screens, hardly any of us have gotten on board. Honestly, I’m not looking to see folks lining up for The Cure. I’d like to but I’m a realist. It’s costly and few are willing to pay the price. But for those few who have and those who are now willing, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


Looking for Rain

Abba, I am grateful that You know and have invited me to come and talk. The seas we are compelled to navigate these days are treacherous and I cannot do it without You. I am grateful for the wisdom You have given me and I desire to use it to help others and I am certain that I need much more and I ask You to grant me more as You see fit. I am troubled this morning. I am troubled for babies, toddlers and children in particular. There is a war for their souls; and parents, more often than not, are nonchalant about it or blind altogether; please help. Please rescue the parents and the children. The war in particular that is burdening me today is sexual and the all out yet subtle attack of the world to enslave children and adults in homosexual and heterosexual sin in the name of ‘love’. I am sorry, Abba. Please forgive us and have mercy on us. Please send revival and an outpouring of conviction and repentance on us. Please open blinded eyes and deceived hearts for Your glory and our redemption I pray.

Sunday Morning Daylight

Father GOD this Sunday morning and always I thank You for exposing evil for what it is. Yes, I am asking You for daylight; that You will bring to Light all corruption in all offices of the Government in this Nation and I pray appropriate consequences will be carried out. I pray the evil deeds will be properly adjudicated here on earth awaiting Your Perfect Judgment in Eternity. I dare not leave out a request for grace to repent here and now for us all as well. Let us not be confused but know and rejoice that repentance does not negate consequences but it does established fellowship with You to bear the consequences. Thank You for loving us and I pray in JESUS name that You will yet save America.

Wednesday Evening

Abba, I have heard more than enough today to not only make me afraid but to also cause me to be angry and want to tell a lot of people off. Stuff and people have been instruments of enticement to forget that these stories may not be accurate and these people may not be the lost causes or as beyond redemption as they seem to be. You know the who(s) I am talking about. And help me to not become so discouraged that I do no heavenly good while I am still on earth’s terrain. Please don’t let that happen. There may be some of my sisters and brothers who are as discouraged and anxious as I and I pray for us that we will hear You, Holy Spirit, and we will rejoice and embrace that since we are still here You are not finished with us; that we can still work through us to make Yourself known to those who do not know You. I pray You will create interest in the minds and souls of people who tonight as yet have no interest in You. They are captured by the things and trappings of this world order and they just don’t think You are relevant to them. Please forgive them; please have mercy and give them grace and space to change their minds and receive You. I pray to hear You and see the way through this Covid 19 without losing our souls. I pray for courage, for wisdom, for boldness and for evil to be beaten back. I pray You will raise up a people to storm the gates of hell and release the captives in YESHUA’s Mighty name.

A Passel of Pain

I read something today that disturbed me – obviously, I am here writing. When I captured it for my laptop the title it gave itself was amen.

It read this way: “Staying in a relationship just because you love somebody is not worth it. Love is not all you need. Respect is what you need. Reassurance is what you need. Happiness is what you need. Knowing every day you’re their favorite person is what you need. Learn to love yourself instead. 

I can’t give this a strong amen but it bears consideration. Obviously, there’s a passel of pain being experienced when this counsel is given.  

So, relationships are complicated; they are not meant to be but they are because fallen humans are conflicted. And conflicted people think self-centered more often than is healthy for them or others.

Friend relationships. Those can be vacated when one is unhappy in the relationship and the rifted might not be a long-lasting wound; so, in that, I can concur.

Family relationships. They can be and usually are conflicting, complicated, complex, and often downright aggravating, but when it’s the family we don’t walk away, not without extenuating circumstances and a Word from The LORD to seal the deal.

Marriage. That’s a new ballgame. Respect and happiness. O! yes we want those but in my many years of messing up I have discovered and Scripture confirms that you gain respect and happiness by GIVING it and continuing to give it even when at the moment you are not getting it back. Marriage is a covenant – well, godly marriages are covenants and they are the kind that endure through lack; when we feel disrespected and forgotten and ignored and second or third or last on the list of importance. Do I sound experienced? I am.

No-fault divorce. There is no such animal. There is plenty of fault to go around when there is a divorce; it’s not just one or the other; it’s both. And if Both open their Bibles and their hearts to the Spirit of the Living GOD, the marriage can be saved, and not just saved but thrive with respect and happiness and assurance and a whole lot more. Do I sound experienced? I am.

We jump out of marriage way too easily, to the determinant of ourselves and to those who love us.
I’m not saying no marriage is without cause to vacate but I am saying more marriages could be saved than are . . .

And the last point: love yourself.
And to that:
loving one’s self unselfishly is above unregenerated humans’ pay grade.
Only The Spirit of the Living GOD highlighting His Word in us can teach us how to do that!

A healthy love for ourselves is predicated on GOD first, and the GOOD of others (as directed by The Scripture) before our own happiness.
And shall we remember happiness is overrated? It fades when the happening fades.
Now, JOY (holy love for GOD, for others AND ourselves) is long-lasting; eternal, even.

So, shall we vacate? What did GOD say when you asked Him?