Have Christians strayed from Scripture?
Have Christians adopted the world’s ways of addressing human maladies and injustices?

When Yeshua walked the sands of Judea in His GODMAN body the Romans were cruel and dictatorial, intoxicated with power. They beat, killed, and taxed the Jews to poverty and that was just for starters. Yet in Scripture, I find no recordings of Yeshua organizing groups to march in the streets with signs and angry shouts; nor kill Roman officers, loot, or burn Roman businesses. (No. I am not saying Christians are doing the latter.) Neither have I found it recorded that He instructed His disciples to do so. There was that time Peter got heated and afraid and sliced off a man’s ear and Yeshua immediately put it back and instructed Peter otherwise. (Check it out at Luke 22:49-51 and John 18:10-11) The Bible tells me Jesus went about preaching His Gospel, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, and fellowshipping with A N Y O N E who wanted His company.

How are we stacking up? 

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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