So I Did

I am encouraged. People still read emails!
Who knows. Maybe even blogs too!!

In this no time to slow down world, we say give me a text, don’t bother to key out the words, the first letter of each will do; I can decipher it. I was convinced people don’t read anymore, we just skim the words. And often that is the way it is, but I learned posing a question that Folks actually do read more than I thought. Folks actually give more attention than they let you know they do. How neat is that?! Obviously, really neat to me.

So good morning. I’m working on a cup of coffee. I’ve ordered a new Bible (like I don’t have a shelf full) and I’ve prayed some. I opined to my beloved I wanted a fresh page Bible. One that I have not marked up or noted up so when I open it to read I will not be distracted by what I’ve always thought. So I would be open to something fresh that GOD would say. He bought it. So I did too. 🙂

Notes and markups are good especially for those who will inherit all these Bibles on my shelf. At least I hope so. I hope they will treasure them; not because of my notes and markups but because HE speaks to them as they commune with HIM.

May I pray with you this morning?

Father GOD, I do not know who will come by this page, who will stop to read or pray but for those who do thank You. Thank You that we get to talk to You and we get to hear You. Thank You for every good and perfect gift You give us. Thank You for the ability to receive from You. There’s a lot going on in this world; some of it I like, some of it is full of hate and it hurts.  But I was thinking this morning, I don’t see all that You see and when I proclaim something is terrible and horrible and bad, perhaps I should say it’s bitter. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but if I could see what You see (not that I would even understand) I would know that You are still Love and still Good and You always do right by me. Thank You. I do know that. Forgive me when I don’t act like I do.
Like I said I don’t know who will come by this page but I pray when they do that they will believe that You love them, that You care, and that You will always do right by them even when the thing they are unwrapping is so very bitter to them. Bitter and impossible to understand why. So, I pray for personal revelations for people, that they will be quickened by You, HOLY SPIRIT, to rest in Your Love and Sufficiency in all things concerning them. I pray for a renewed look at You, Your Word, and Your Creation for each of us because that will surely bring on some joy in JESUS name.