First Drink

Just a quick, short thought to share this morning. Admittedly, taken out of context and lifted from the situation.  

Job 8:11-12 (AMP)11 “Can the papyrus grow up without a marsh? Can the rushes or reed grass grow without water?  12 “While it is still green (in flower) and not cut down, Yet it withers before any other plant [when without water].source

I know little about papyrus (perhaps I’ll go to Duck, Duck Go a little later and read up on it) but without water, it withers faster than other vegetation. That’s what the verses say.

So do I. So do we. Without the Water of The Word, we wither quickly — before morning coffee if The Water of The Word is not our First Drink.

Good Wednesday Morning . . .

From Britannica

Papyrus, writing material of ancient times and also the plant from which it was derived, Cyperus papyrus (family Cyperaceae), also called paper plant. The papyrus plant was long cultivated in the Nile delta region in Egypt and was collected for its stalk or stem, whose central pith was cut into thin strips, pressed together, and dried to form a smooth thin writing surface.

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