I Am Stunned

I am stunned; not that this is reported to have happened but that this video is still available to offer it to you. If memory serves it was recorded in May of this year and was released to YouTube June 10, 2020.


Father GOD, You know if these things are factual, all or even in part; I cannot let this go by without coming to You with it. People dying so others can be made rich; or people dying because it is expedient; people refusing to do what is right; any of these scenarios are tragic and inexcusable and I am praying for Your intervention. I am praying that You will see to it that their deaths are not overlooked and covered up. I am asking You to see to it that accountings are brought to focus. I pray those who have done these evil deeds will seek You for forgiveness and salvation, and also be legally held accountable for their criminal acts. I pray families will be comforted and will find peace and wholeness in You. And I pray that You will rid us of this virus but even more importantly that You will bring revival to We the People in JESUS name