It’s Just That Simple.

I find it so hard to give up; to give up on people I love.
People I love have shown or stated they are voting for Biden/Harris.
These are not people who have no knowledge of GOD. These are people who profess faith in JESUS and yet they plan to cast a vote for the Biden/Harris Ticket.
The fact that the DNC advocates death to Womb Babies does not move them away from this position. Neither does the fact that the DNC removed GOD from their allegiance (and I don’t mean just reciting the pledge) and there are other matters such as unholy welfare; Government rule of every area of our lives and the prevalent move toward promoting no personal responsibility.

The Bible and the Savior revealed in it and the HOLY SPIRIT Who confirmed me to HIM makes it IMPOSSIBLE for me to vote for a person or party that will not denounce the murder of or even the choice to legally murder a Womb BABY.
Even if there were no other unholy planks in the Democratic party platform, Abortion is enough for me to absolutely reject the Party. And I cannot for the life of me understand how one who professes to love JESUS can vote to give any woman the legal right to sacrifice her baby on the altar of Molech. Abortion is the ultimate sin America has yet to legalize.
There is a close second and a third.

How can anyone Christian or not, not see how evil, demonic, unholy, ungodly, and damning abortion is to the baby, the mother, the father, and the Nation?!
There is more than enough evil in this world to destroy us all. Why are we helping Satan destroy us by murdering Womb Babies? Why are we helping Satan destroy us by any of the un-Biblical things we do?! 
The Mind of Christ can only see abortion as sin.
The Mind of Christ also sees there is forgiveness and restoration but there is a condition: repentance.

And yes I know I am preaching to the choir because long ago people I love who have a democrat mind stopped hearing or reading.
Of course, it hurts but JESUS loves me this I know… And He loves them too.
Even so, His love for us does not negate we are ONLY forgiven when we repent.
No repentance, no forgiveness.
It’s just that simple.

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