Protecting One’s Domain

Do I have a treat for you today? My beloved has written a Word for us. I think you will like it.

This morning as I was reading my daily devotion, a thought came to me which of all things came from my friendly four-footed creature, better known as my dog, Sara.

The devotion I read this morning was about the pet of the writer, (a dog) which was chewing up a particular pillow on the couch. She would come home

for a number of days and find the pillow chewed apart and cotton all over the house. She would pick up the loose cotton put it back in its covering and sew it up.

This went on for several days and she realized that her sweet pet was going back to the same pillow and figuring out where the weak spot in the pillow

was and proceeded to rip it apart day after day. Enough is enough. Throw the old pillow away, buy a new one. Did it and the problem solved.

Now how does this relate to my dog? You see my Sara does not like foreign creatures in her domain. ie. possums, armadillos turtles, squirrels, and even snakes inside her living quarters.

The way she handles these creatures is to put them to sleep permanently or bark enough until I come outside and chase them away or move them to an area where they will not be a temptation to her anymore.

If only we as individuals would take a lesson from the devotion I read or my Sara to remove those things in our life that is a temptation to us. 

It is just as easy as getting rid of that old item in our life we keep going back to and keep chewing on, or do not let new sins creep into our domain.

Let us take that simple step, throw that old pillow away, and enjoy the comfort of that new pillow, (life) that has been purchased for us.

Next, if a new temptation tries to sneak into our domain (life), put it to sleep or keep barking, (praying) until you get help to put that out of your domain.

It is a simple thing, and He has told us that there is nothing too big or too small that He can’t take care of for us.

Thanks, Sara for the lesson today.


Driving Miss Kathie

Do you know how thoughts settle in when you are riding along minding the view?
Are you willing to take a test ride with me?
Two major evil spirits have been loosed on America.

It is not that we have not earned them, even invited them.
First, let’s look at the spirit of death.
We have invited this spirit to vex us because as a Nation we have murdered 60 million Womb Babies since 1973 on the altar of the idol of personal convenience.

We should be afraid.
We should be deathly afraid but not of COVID 19 with its 99.98% survival rate. We should personally be afraid of eternal damnation in hell (if we have not entered a saving covenant with Yeshua the Christ) and we should be praying and acting accordingly against completely losing this Country to godless anarchy.

Moreover, the fear is spreading.
We are afraid of the Government and each other.
We are afraid to say No.
We are afraid to say I don’t believe you and no I will not comply with your unholy overreach!

Further, it seems to me, the so-called Elite are rejoicing the more of us who die because it gives them a reason to say see we are right so you just keep doing what we say.
Yes. I do believe that Christ Rejecting people are that power lusting and evil. History has proven it.

How ironic it is that as a Nation we have killed so many Womb Babies and now we are so terrified of dying ourselves.
We are so terrified that as a Nation we have handed over our freedom to think and determine for ourselves Before GOD how we will live without even a whimper of resistance.

The WORD of GOD says in Hebrews 9:27 (NKJV) 27 And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, source

But there is STILL GOOD NEWS America!
GOD will forgive us,
save us,
restore us,
and heal this Land IF WE REPENT.

And if this Nation is too stupid or evil to do so, HE will save any and every individual who is willing to be saved.

1 John 1:9 (NKJV) If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. source

I have long arrived back at the house from that little ride with my beloved and now you have my thoughts to do with as you please.
Based upon the Word of Father GOD, decide wisely.

So I Did

I am encouraged. People still read emails!
Who knows. Maybe even blogs too!!

In this no time to slow down world, we say give me a text, don’t bother to key out the words, the first letter of each will do; I can decipher it. I was convinced people don’t read anymore, we just skim the words. And often that is the way it is, but I learned posing a question that Folks actually do read more than I thought. Folks actually give more attention than they let you know they do. How neat is that?! Obviously, really neat to me.

So good morning. I’m working on a cup of coffee. I’ve ordered a new Bible (like I don’t have a shelf full) and I’ve prayed some. I opined to my beloved I wanted a fresh page Bible. One that I have not marked up or noted up so when I open it to read I will not be distracted by what I’ve always thought. So I would be open to something fresh that GOD would say. He bought it. So I did too. 🙂

Notes and markups are good especially for those who will inherit all these Bibles on my shelf. At least I hope so. I hope they will treasure them; not because of my notes and markups but because HE speaks to them as they commune with HIM.

May I pray with you this morning?

Father GOD, I do not know who will come by this page, who will stop to read or pray but for those who do thank You. Thank You that we get to talk to You and we get to hear You. Thank You for every good and perfect gift You give us. Thank You for the ability to receive from You. There’s a lot going on in this world; some of it I like, some of it is full of hate and it hurts.  But I was thinking this morning, I don’t see all that You see and when I proclaim something is terrible and horrible and bad, perhaps I should say it’s bitter. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but if I could see what You see (not that I would even understand) I would know that You are still Love and still Good and You always do right by me. Thank You. I do know that. Forgive me when I don’t act like I do.
Like I said I don’t know who will come by this page but I pray when they do that they will believe that You love them, that You care, and that You will always do right by them even when the thing they are unwrapping is so very bitter to them. Bitter and impossible to understand why. So, I pray for personal revelations for people, that they will be quickened by You, HOLY SPIRIT, to rest in Your Love and Sufficiency in all things concerning them. I pray for a renewed look at You, Your Word, and Your Creation for each of us because that will surely bring on some joy in JESUS name.

Suit Up

Are you worried?

The world is drowning in sin, but you know that, don’t you?

So what are your reasons to rejoice?

For me First and foremost, JESUS saves sinners and I am one of them.
Another is that even in this sick world and I don’t mean COVID, GOD is with us and He has a plan; even if America falls to Communism in 2021 HE will still be faithful to His Children.

So let us suit up. (Ephesians 6:10-19)
Let us fasten not our eyes on the filth in this world. (Psalm 101:3-5)
Let us not conform to this world. (Romans 12:2-4)
Let us rejoice. (Philippians 4:4-9)

I Reckon, Again.

I used to on occasion re-post my older devotions; back then a blank day of posting just couldn’t be. I’ve had many blank days since September 16, 2015.
So just for the good of it, here’s a repeat.

I reckon.

That’s what I heard Charles say. Charles Billingsley. I was watching/listening to a You Tube. Charles was in concert at a church in Macon, Georgia. And right about 30 minutes in he was encouraging the congregation and he said reckon. And I was off!

Reckon. (Click here for Webster’s definition)

Some would say that’s a pretty southern word. It’s a godly word too. The Scripture passage I was thinking of was Romans 8:18. There Paul utilized it as an accounting term. Reckon. Count it. Count it as so. By the way in the KJV you will find Reckon 33 times. Here’s a link in case you want to check it out. HERE

Romans 8: 18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. [source]

And so we count and if we count it so, I reckon that reckoning will change how we live. And I reckon, I need to do some reckoning.

I reckon. Seriously smiling here. 🙂

Now. One more thing and I’ll press publish.

That Charles Billingsley you tube? You got an hour and 28 minutes?  I reckon it’s worth every minute I’ve invested. Perhaps you will too.

And a bit (translation: a few minutes) before the I reckon, he sings a song, and a certain portion of the lyrics is this: You wrapped my soul inside Your Arms.  I don’t know about you but upon hearing those words I was wrapped in love this morning; and not just me but I saw in those words my Girls wrapped in His Arms too. Don’t you reckon some worship was going on? 🙂

I reckon I better close this epistle. 🙂

Until Next Time  ~ ~ ~ Kathie 

Blessings Sweet Friends