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It’s Just That Simple.

I find it so hard to give up; to give up on people I love. People I love have shown or stated they are voting for Biden/Harris. These are not people who have no knowledge of GOD. These are people who profess faith in JESUS and yet they plan to […]

Words. Words. Words.

Words. I like words. Words are vehicles of communication; they inform. However, problems arise with using Words. They can be perceived differently than intended. They can be spoken or written hastily. They can be used to edify the hearers. They can be used to wound the hearers (or readers). The […]

A Passel of Pain

I read something today that disturbed me – obviously, I am here writing. When I captured it for my laptop the title it gave itself was amen. It read this way: “Staying in a relationship just because you love somebody is not worth it. Love is not all you need. […]

Me Too

Just today a friend of mine shared with her world via Facebook pictures of her newborn grandson.  I commented in part, every baby is a gift from GOD, and here adding, no exceptions. I know it to my bones.  And from there formed these words (and I wondered where can […]

The Scratch

At this juncture in my 67-year-old life, rights are important. One I highly treasure is LIFE. Beyond that, many of the rights I see extolled today may be best defined as social demands. I watched a video today of homeless college students in California, actually living in their vehicles. I […]