Public Honesty

Father GOD, I am here to publicly by faith thank You for allowing me to be alive in this portion of the world in this year of time. You know I am offering You this thanks solely by faith as my emotions are not at this time on board with this. My flesh wants to whine and complain and sulk and be angry, but I am trusting You will heal my soul and my being will soon and very soon line up with Your will for me. I hereby repent and disavow any allegiance to this world, including, but not limited to any political party, and I unashamedly publicly say You alone are my GOD. You know my soul is beaten, broken, and bloody but You will heal me. I ask You to energize me to be about Your business and Your business alone on this hostile, sin-cursed planet. Again, I thank You for allowing me to be alive at this time and it is my desire to live from this day forward for the purpose of strengthening, encouraging, and helping my sisters and brothers in Holy Faith and to be an instrument in Your Hand to rescue people from hell in Yeshua’s name. 

2 thoughts on “Public Honesty

  1. Oh my dear sister! You captured exactly how I am feeling. Thank you so much for posting this. I love you!!

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