Consider the Source

This video is dated September of 2020.
Even so, I am appreciating it today. 
I’m not expecting any of my subscribers to need the following statement but I’m making it anyway.

This is NOT Trump worship.

You know that’s a prevalent accusation these days of anyone who can speak a kind word about the man. 
This is giving credit where credit is due and to be unable to do that is certainly not godly. 

NOT a Democracy

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I am sharing with you today information from a Sister Writer. Please visit her site via this LINK and read. It’s important. 

URGENT CALL TO ACTION AND EXPOSING DARKESS: Contact your senators and legislators | Congress trying to abolish the electoral college. This would radically change America from a Republic to a pure tyrannical democracy. BAD. VERY BAD.

You have heard it again and again, yet people ignore it. 
We are NOT a democracy. 
We are a REPUBLIC if we can keep it
There is an unholy movement to steal it from us. 
Please visit my Friend’s post at the LINK above and read. 

Speak LIFE over your day! 
LORD willing, I will see you again soon.